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Welcome to the Marin Teacher Talk Lesson Wiki!



The following pages in this wiki are divided by level and curriculum area. Primary lessons are intended for K-5, secondary lessons are grades 6-12.  I encourage you to look at posted lessons that you might bring into your classroom and/or to post a lesson that others can use with their students.


To add a lesson to this wiki click on your level and subject area page on the right of this page (be sure "sidebar" has been selected to show all pages). Once you are on the correct page click "edit page" in the upper left, this will change the view of the page and give you the ability to type your information right onto the page. While this site is beginning simply add your lesson on top of the ones that already exist on the same page.  This will allow teachers to scroll through all lessons in a certain level and curriculum area.  As pages fill up I will divide them within the subject area.  Thanks for adding to Marin Teacher Talk!


If you are prompted for a password, please email me at christophermcase@gmail.com for the wiki password.


Use the following as a general template for your lessons on the site, although feel free to add/delete any necessary information to make your lesson more usable:


1. Specific Grade Level and Subject

2. Your best contact information (name, email, school)

3. Description of lesson including: goal, lesson procedures, expected outcomes, materials needed, assessments, necessary time for lesson

4. Helpful comments for lesson.


For help locating a lesson use the search feature in the upper right corner and search by keyword.



Thanks for being part of Marin Teacher Talk! Spread the word!


To return to the Marin Teacher Talk! website hit the back button on your browser.  Don't forget to join our Marin Teacher Talk! discussion group under "Education Q&A" on the Marin Teacher Talk! website.  It will keep you connected to all member teachers in Marin with one click.





All lessons posted on this wiki are intended for public use. If any materials in your lesson are copyrighted please indicate within your lesson description how a teacher can get permission to use the copyrighted materials.


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Anonymous said

at 11:09 am on Mar 20, 2007

Chris, we are unsure how you got the index from the Social Studies pages. We only have a link from the subject to the lesson. If another person adds to that area, ie primary lessons, they could edit the original lesson submitted. Also we all felt that secondary was HS not MS.

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