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Elementary Social Studies Lessons

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American Landmarks and Symbols

First Grade Social Studies

An introduction to american landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge and the Washington Monument. Children choose one to research and give as an oral report. Various kinds of technology are used in this set of lessons.

Tara Costello, First, Second, Third, Mary Silveria School, tcostello@marin.k12.ca.us

Cynda Vyas, First Grade, Mary Silveira School, cvyas@marin.k12.ca.us


American Landmarks and Symbols PDF.pdf





This is a 6th grade ancient civilization lesson using the TCI textbook and the four empires of Mesopotamia. Each group created an enhanced podcast of one empire showcasing the people and features of the empire. Let me know if you have questions, concerns, issues, or suggestions.


Polly Morse



Links to the lesson




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